Sunday, May 27, 2007

I Was Right, Right, Right

Wrote a post earlier in the week about living on food stamps. Today an affirmation of my position--that it is possible to live on them--in the Post. The writer not only lives on $25 a week, but makes lunch for co-workers and lives organically.

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Anonymous said...

This article seems just as unrealistic as the LA Times article. I think you're right and it is possible to live on the food-stamp budget, but it's harder than the writer made it out to be. He's the owner of a natural foods store. I doubt he's shopping in the ghetto. If they could get that sort of food, then they'd have to learn how to make the rye into something edible. (It certainly wasn't something I ever heard about in home-ec.) Also, what about the money it takes to stock the kitchen from scratch? Any thoughts?