Thursday, July 13, 2017

Good Luck, Qatar

The conflict between Qatar and the Arab states has included cutting off Qatar's supply of dairy products.  Qatar, having bunches of money, is now importing 4,000 cows to partially fill the gap, according to this piece.

I wish them well, but that's a more complex job than might appear:

  • does Qatar have air conditioned barns for 4,000 cows--temps there are rather hot.
  • does they have feed on hand for that many cows, and a supply chain to back it up.  Cows eat, every day, much of the day.
  • do they have manure disposal facilities.  Cows defecate and urinate, every day, much of the day.
  • do they have milking facilities and people to operate them?  Cows produce milk, every day.  Every day, that is, unless their routine is disrupted and maybe milkings are skipped--that can cut production quite a bit.
  • do they have milk processing plants. Milk spoils unless refrigerated, and doesn't have a long shelf life.
The point, of course, is like most things, it's more complex than an outsider would assume.

But as I say, I wish them well, and hope the Qatari PETA is not on their case. 

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