Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Where I'm At: Optimistic

At noon on Election Day, I'm optimistic, both about the election and the country:
  • I want and expect Clinton to win.
  • Trump will concede, either graciously or at the behest of his family.
  • If the Dems take the Senate, they'll still be at the mercy of their conservatives: Manchin and Donnelly. If they don't, I expect the remnants of the Gang of Eight (or was it Sixteen) to help pass legislation.  (Republicans don't have many running in 2018 so Senators won't be pulled to the right by primary fears.)
  • Clinton will likely work from the center, both as a result of Congress being narrowly divided. She'll turn out to be a good president.
As always, I'd predict an extension of past trends (which is a sure way of being wrong--things stay the same until they don't)--growth in the economy, improvements in social trends (teen pregnancy down, crime low, lower obesity), and innovations which help and hurt (autonomous vehicles, health care innovations, etc.)

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Bill Harshaw said...

Did I blow this or what? :-(