Wednesday, June 03, 2015

What I'd Like: Move to Estonia

Via Marginal Revolution, this report on e-government in Estonia.  Through one user identity:
Today’s Estonian citizen can (though he or she does not have to):
  • Identify themselves, via e-ID, an electronic identity system
  • Vote (iVote, available since 2007)
  • Complete tax returns (and make payments or receive refunds)
  • Obtain and fulfil prescriptions (eHealth)
  • Participate in census completion
  • Review accumulated pension contributions and values
  • Perform banking, including making and receiving payments
  • Pay and interact with utilities (like water, gas and electricity)
  • Interact with the education system (e-Education)
  • Set up businesses
  • Sign contracts
  • And more.
Compare that with our government, where we're still struggling with USDA agencies providing such service.

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