Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Farewell to System/36?

From the NASCOE newsletter
While I am sure most of your NASCOE officers will be covering some of the highlight of the past Calendar Year I will be focusing on the NEA Programs side of NASCOE. This year we should finally say goodbye to the wretched beast some call the 36 or AS 400. Of course, this good bye brings something new(ish).
We just received MIDAS release 2.0 which we’re told will work without a single hiccup.
We will at last have one system of record for maintaining Producers name, address, and TIN.
We are also anticipating new MPP software, new MAL software, and as well new software for ARC/PLC, which is already out. We’re also now using different software for FSFL’s.

 Those were the days, my friends. I remember them well (cue Maurice Chevalier in Gigi, a stage production of which is now at the Kennedy Center).   I remember Chris Niedermeyer as "trail boss" in 1989? talking about running out of space on the System/36 and the need to immediately get new hardware.   And I'm pleased to see the "one system of record," only about 16 years late.

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Anonymous said...

"wretched beast"? That's appreciation for you; kinda like shooting the horse that got you there for being old and worn out.