Saturday, January 02, 2010

Props to W

Via Starbucks WiFi (my Verizon repair order is still waiting to be assigned to a technician--somehow I had thought all utilities worked day and night to restore service, so even at my late age there's opportunity to learn the reality of the world), I'm obligated to start the new year by acknowledging no combat deaths in Iraq in December.  I could add caveats, but I won't. GW wasn't always wrong in everything.


George Buddy said...

Well, no deaths in December and that's real progress to peace. And yes, we can at a minimum say that our Iraq strategy is finally paying dividends -- but only after years of misdirection, tons of money, and most important, way too many casualties.

Bill Harshaw said...

I agree, but I didn't expect the Iraq death rate in 2009 to be half that of 2008, according to today's Times. I think acknowledging my mistake to be important, because I'm so rarely wrong. :-)