Tuesday, June 12, 2018

North Korea and the US

If I consider Pres. Kim to be rational, this is what I imagine his ultimate goals/wishes would be, in no particular priority:

  • security guarantees from the US
  • nuclear weapons and missiles
  • peaceful unification of the peninsula under his leadership, being an autocracy like China's Xi
  • economic aid from South Korea and where ever.
For the US, our goals would be:

  • no nukes or missiles
  • no unification or unification under the South's system
  • no proliferation or transfer of nuclear or missile technologies.
I suspect the minimax solution, assuming both sides are rational is trading NK aid and security for verified agreements on nonproliferation, and kicking the unification question down the road.  

It's possible that Trump's clownish antics will provide enough cover and distraction for the US to give up its, and his, proclaimed goals denuclearization. 

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