Monday, August 22, 2016

Best Paragraph I Misread Today

From Walt Jeffries at Sugar Mountain, explaining why a pig was in hospice care:
"Also, pigs are rather mean to each other. They will target and kill the weak amongst them. This is a herd behavior because the weak may attract predators and scavengers. By killing or leaving behind the weak the herd survives. So a pig’s strategy is to beat up the weak individuals. Pigs do not do altruism. Pigs are not kind. Pigs are not loyal. But Hollywood and animal nut groups have made them out to be much like us. They are not. Or rather they are like the worst of us, the Trumps and the Clintons.†"
I swear when I first read it this morning, I missed the last three word.  I guess it's called Freudian omission.   :-)  (The footnote invites the reader to insert her own preferred politician--I missed that as well.)

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