Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Unbelievable Fact in the Times

The NYTimes has a piece on who supports Trump, including this table:
"correlations are shown in red.
Variable Correlation
White, no high school diploma
Percent reporting ancestry as “American” on the census
Mobile homes
Percent living in a mobile home
“Old economy” jobs
Includes agriculture, construction, manufacturing, trade
History of voting for segregationists
Support for George Wallace (1968)
Labor participation rate
Born in United States
Evangelical Christians
History of voting for liberal Republicans
Support for John B. Anderson (1980)
White Anglo-Saxon Protestants
Whites with European non-Catholic ancestry

If it's in the Times, it must be right, but I absolutely cannot believe the negative correlation between WASPS and Trump support, and I'm writing as a WASP myself. I suppose it's possible because I no longer understand statistics, but I still think it unlikely.

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