Tuesday, January 05, 2016

The Past Was Different

Via Brad DeLong, from Eleanor Roosevelt, a list of some of things not available in Britain in January 1946 (Roosevelt was about to travel to the UK):
"Then came these little items among the things the traveler must be sure to take to England.
  • 'Women's hose—none available.'
  • 'Low-heeled walking shoes—repairing impossible.'
  • 'Clothes hangers.'
  • 'Soap (hand, laundry, shampoo)—none available.'
  • 'Razor blades—none available.'
  • 'Shaving material of all kinds.'
  • 'All cosmetics, creams, perfumes, colognes, nail polish, etc.'
  • 'Bath towels, face towels, wash cloths, any necessary medicines, vitamin tablets, sugar, cigarettes, matches, chocolate candy, fruit juices, flashlight, personal stationery.'
It took a long time for the Brits to get back on their feet and end rationing.  In comparison the U.S. was in good shape.

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