Sunday, January 10, 2016

Republican Split--What's New?

NYTimes has a piece today on a split in the Republican party, between the Trump-Cruz faction and the "establishment".  I think it's overdone.  I remember the Republicans were split:
  • between the Taftites and Eisenhower Republicans in the 1950's.
  • between Rockefeller and Nixon in 1960 (the Treaty of Fifth Avenue)
  • Goldwater and establishment in 1964
  • Ford and Reagan in 1976
  • Reagan and John Anderson in 1980
  • Bush and Buchanan in 1992
  • etc. etc.
While usually the ticket could and would bridge the difference (i.e., Nixon and Agnew; Reagan and Bush), there might be problems this year.  Trump and Rubio are doable, perhaps Cruz and Christie, or Cruz and Kasich.  Christie and Cruz might be also.

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