Thursday, November 12, 2015

U.S. Being Subsidized by Asia

Two posts caught my eye:
  • James Fallows at Atlantic on a follow-up post on Chinese education--an excerpt from a reader's comments:
First, the US college system is now deeply dependent on the sky-high tuition that international students pay; here at Purdue, it's often said that the international students are essentially subsidizing the in-state tuition for Indiana students. Many schools are massively dependent on international student dollars, and Chinese student dollars particularly -- which means we're massively exposed to fluctuations in the Chinese economy.
  • The NYTimes reports that because of cuts in the National Parks Service budget, they're doing an appeal for contributions to the Korean War Memorial on the Mall, an appeal so far answered only by Korean businesses. 
Folks, this is pitiful.  I blame our politicians and ourselves: we need higher taxes to fund education and parks.

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