Thursday, September 10, 2015

TR Was Six, How Old Is DT?

It was said of Theodore Roosevelt that one must remember he was about six.

From McCullough on PBS:
One of his friends, the English diplomat Cecil Spring Rice, once said, "The thing you have to remember about the President is he's about six." Woodrow Wilson called him a "great big boy". He went off later in life, after leaving the White House, on a very dangerous, very risky adventure in South America, and when they asked him why he was doing it at his age, he said, "It's my last chance to be a boy again."

From Kevin Drum, towards the end of a post on Donald Trump's unfavorable comments about Ms Fiorina's looks:
You wouldn't be surprised to hear a first-grader get all giggly over childish insults about his teacher, would you? That's what first graders do. At age 69, that's still what Donald Trump does too.

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