Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Live by the E.O., Die by the E.O.

"E.O." stands for executive order, which is one* of the ways Obama and the Democrats are bypassing the mostly deadlocked Congress.  The latest instance was Obama's order yesterday requiring federal contractors to provide paid sick leave.

I agree with Obama's goals but the means are not the most desirable.  What happens to Obama's EO's when a Republican president is inaugurated?  By the same authority Obama used to issue the order, the Republican can issue an order to cancel it.  The two parties have played this game for 30 years or more on abortion and foreign countries; it's one of the first things a new President does--reverse the EO on federal money, abortion, and foreign aid (too lazy to look up the provision, but I think it's the "Mexico City policy").

Now abortion can be a special case, since it continues to be a hot button issue.  It's quite possible that federal contractors won't care by the time the next Republican president is inaugurated and Obama's EO will stand.  But the ideology of the issue is clear.  A Democrat is imposing a new governmental burden on private enterprise and I, the Republican determined to battle for less government, use reversing Obama's EO as a symbol of my determination.

* Regulations are the other way, but I'll save that for another day.

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