Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Signup and Registers

The idea of a "register" has long been established in FSA/ASCS--I suspect it goes back to AAA.

Still works, according to this (Vilsack in front of Senate Ag):
"But, according to one of the farmers the committee invited to testify about the farm bill, local Farm Service Agency administrators have concerns about a last-minute rush of landowners deciding on changes to base acres and yields by the deadline this Friday.
Roberts asked Vilsack if it’s still correct that USDA won’t extend the deadline and will rely instead on a registry at local offices. Using a registry allows anyone who shows up before the deadline to get on a list of appointments to return later to finish the paperwork.
“I think it’s incumbent on us to continue to monitor the situation,” said Vilsack, who is now getting daily reports on signup progress. He was monitoring signup progress weekly."

(The committee heard praise from farmers for their local FSA offices, BTW.)

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