Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Healthcare Behind the Scenes

Politico has a piece describing problems in the overall system, mostly in the backend linking the signup process with the insurance companies, and extending into handling payments and change of life events.

Sounds a bit familiar from the good old days of the System/36.  One of the enduring lessons I learned was that for everything, whether it's a building or a software system, highways or ships, everything requires maintenance.  What that means for new systems, like, is that you may implement and release a set of processes while planning to come along later with additional features.  But once you have the first release out, your time gets absorbed in the maintenance of those features, and the schedule for releasing version 2.0 slides.  And the sliding means that the jury-rigs to cover the gap grow and grow, and the problems of transitioning from the jury-rigged current system to the version 2.0 system, once available, also grow.

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