Thursday, January 01, 2015

No End to the HR Courses--Five Generations at Work

FSA just posted a notice on "Diversity and Inclusion Training on Generational Differences for
Supervisors and Managers".

It seems there are five! different generations at work these days, and they work differently, so managers must know how to handle them.

With tongue in cheek, I list the generations:
  • old farts (my generation) who hang on and bore everyone with their talk of the good old days
  • boomers who bore everyone with their talk of the day they'll retire
  • gen X who bore everyone with their self-pity over all the boomers who don't have the sense to retire and make way for new blood
  • gen Y (millennials) who are busily searching for a new job away from all the bores.
  • post millennials, who are practicing up to be boring bureaucrats as soon as they get out of diapers
Although I mock, it's serious business, even having the imprimatur of a Harvard Business Review article

Next subject on the horizon: the different cultures of America, how to deal with the cultural differences between New Jerseyans and Texans, Oregonians and Floridians.  That should be good for a couple days training and a 5-digit fee to the consultant doing the training. 

(I need to create a label for this: should I use "boondoggle" or "human relations".)

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