Thursday, March 06, 2014

FSA's Budget

The 2015 Budget proposes a level of $1.45 billion. As part of the 2015 budget, FSA is developing a “Model Service Center” concept that will result in service centers that are better equipped, better staffed, and will provide improved service to customers. Part of the plan is to close or consolidate 250 offices and restructure the workforce to more effectively leverage its human capital. With reduced redundancies, streamlined business processes, and a reduced national footprint, FSA will be able to deliver programs more efficiently. In addition, FSA proposes additional staffing for farm loans in anticipation of increased loan demand. FSA is continuing to modernize its information technology (IT) systems and move away from unreliable, obsolete systems. Billions of dollars of annual farm program payments, conservation payments, and loans to producers have been dependent upon antiquated IT systems. FSA must continue to upgrade its IT infrastructure in order to provide more efficient and reliable services to producers. 
FSA’s MIDAS program is a critical part of its IT modernization efforts that supports farm program delivery with streamlined business processes and integrated applications that share information and resources efficiently. MIDAS achieved an initial operating capability release in April 2013 that modernized the storage and retrieval structure of current farm records and integrated this information with land use data, land imagery data and producer information. The system will permit FSA employees to access and better validate program eligibility data and financial services data from a single source and improve customer account management.


Unknown said...

It is a little depressing working for USDA/FSA, I've been here 29 years and was upset that the Department continues to focus on eliminating the COC structure and COF system. The Secretary recently said "As we improve technology.....we're no longer drawing maps on the back of yellow legal pads. but actually pulling them up on a computer". How insulting. BTW: Love your profile.

Anonymous said...

William, I feel your pain! Instead of cutting the federal and COF employees, who may be sorely needed when the current profitable portion of the farming cycle ends, during the remnants of a recession with few comparable jobs to go to, why don't we reduce generous subsidies to farmers, who have not needed them badly since 2006, by enough to keep current staffing levels until the economy picks up more and unemployment drops a lot? These cuts are still slowing the recovery by reducing collective demand for consumer goods and services and the dimwits in Washington can't seem to grasp that. FDR is spinning in his grave! All these cuts are so that the "job creators" (who have exported millions of jobs over the past 12 years in the name of higher company profits for the owners and management!) won't have to pay so much in taxes, but after 33 years of "trickle down" budget and tax policy, and this economy, expanding income gap, shrinking middle class, and expanding wealth gap to show for it, don't people yet realize that it should be called, "Cascade UP!"?