Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Dairy and China and the Food Movement

Farm Policy refers to a WSJ article on a project in Brittany, France doing a dairy plant for China.  This follows an LA Times article on exporting dairy to China.

It's an intriguing subject because I keep thinking lactose -intolerance, but turns out it's mostly adults and Chinese parents, who dote on their children, don't trust Chinese baby formula.  They do trust US and apparently French dairy standards.

It's an occasion for me to give a compliment to the food movement, at least the historical food movement.  I tend to mock and denigrate the current one, but I recognize that some of the same motives of the current movement also caused the establishing of  high standards for dairy products in past decades, the same high standards which now enable us to export to China.

(Of course, I have yet to see China importing product made from raw milk. :-)

[Updated--Agweb post on the subject.]

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