Friday, August 31, 2012

MIDAS Update

A new set of materials on MIDAS are available--see here.  I'm a little bothered by the gap between May and August in the release.  Maybe  I have a romantic view of communication in projects: ideally there'd be a continual flow of questions and answers and information among the developers and the soon-to-be users.  As I say, it's romantic and because most of the communication is probably on the intranet I've only a partial view.

I wonder about coordination among the program officials and the MIDAS implementation team.  That was an area we were deficient in during the System/36 rollout.  The tendency was for program people to focus on current program issues, assuming the systems people had things under control.  Not so.


Anonymous said...

We never learn from history, only prove it over and over again

Anonymous said...

The program officials are working closely with the implementation teams - almost to the exclusion of other critical stakeholders, like IT.