Sunday, April 01, 2012

Pink Slime Meets Green Slime

I've said a couple times that calling the thing "pink slime" is the most effective framing of an issue since the Republicans came up with the "death tax".  I'm amused by this Grist piece, which suggests that "pink slime" may contribute to the good taste of hamburgers and recounts the efforts of an organic beef producer to come up with an organic equivalent, which he calls "green slime".   His efforts, though, cause me to rethink my position: I now think "pink slime" is a much more effective framing than is the death tax.

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Walter Jeffries said...

This is too funny. Just yesterday I said to someone that they should have used fluorescent green dye so that consumers would glow green and then could save money on lighting. See, recycle those floor scrapings and save energy too! Totally green!