Friday, January 27, 2012

Future for FSA Software

Haven't discussed FSA in relation to the farm bill recently.  There's discussion that it will be impossible to pass a new farm bill this year, given the election year politics, the debate over the deficit, etc. That would be good; it'd allow more time for FSA to implement their new software systems.  There's also discussion, as here in Farm Policy, about having crop-specific programs, rather that one program which covers what we used to call "the program crops", the major field crops.  That's bad.  Newly designed programs don't take on their final shape until the last minute, making it very hard to implement software for them (see ACRE), and having to implement 3 or 4 differently shaped programs for different crops further complicates the matter.  Add to that the loss of historical memory and expertise from the loss of Washington program experts. End result: "interesting times" ahead.

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