Tuesday, November 22, 2011

WordPerfect: Blast from the Past

This USAToday story on the lawsuit by Novell against Microsoft over Windows 95 support for WordPerfect, or the lack thereof, brings back fond memories:
  • Remember WordPerfect 5.1 for DOS?  It was great. 
  • Remember macros in 5.1.  A guy whose name I forget made good money by writing a guide on writing macros.  And I got pretty good with them, chaining them together, doing things just for the sake of showing I could do them.
  • Remember DOS? It wasn't so great.
  • Remember Novell? It bought WordPerfect about the time of the transition to Windows 3.1.  It used to be the system to connect PC's together.
Remember, ah remember, when life was sweet.


Anonymous said...

Yes, you were very good with them. I remember you assisted me once when I was in on detail by creating a macro and removed quite a few duplicates in a list. That saved me at least a couple hours in the process.

Bill Harshaw said...

Thanks for the confirmation. I'm not sure whether I got more enjoyment out of showing myself that I could do macros, or in impressing an audience. Actually, I guess if I'm honest it was the latter.