Monday, May 16, 2011

Federal Salaries

Apparently doctors and lawyers in the federal service make lots of money.  Federal Computer Week links to a USA Today story on those making over $180,000:
•Doctors held roughly eight out of 10 of the top-salaried jobs. Attorneys accounted for nearly 6%, followed by dentists, with almost 3%, and financial institution examiners, with nearly 2%.
•Nearly two out of three were men. Almost nine out of 10 were 40 or older. And more than half had at least 10 years of federal service.
•California, Maryland, the District of Columbia, New York and Texas had both the highest numbers of the high-salary jobs and the highest number of all federal posts.
 To me, $180K is lots of money but I know to most conservatives, $250K is not.

On the other hand, here's a report IT workers make more in the government.

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