Thursday, March 31, 2011

Our Weak Federal Government--States Control Fed Employees

In any rationally constructed bureaucracy, the leadership of the organization can control the hiring and firing of the people who do the organization's work.
Right?  Anyone disagree?

So we're all in agreement the Social Security Administration is not a rationally constructed bureaucracy.  As the FederalComputer Week reports:

"Under a joint federal-state funding relationship, SSA pays the full salaries of state employees who do initial processing of disability claims under the federal Disability Determination Services program."
 Because they're state employees, not Feds, some 19 states have furloughed these people, meaning SSA can't timely service these claims.


K G R said...

The exact same thing's going on with food stamps, oops I mean SNAP. Schwarznegger outright refused to treat Federally-funded State employees differently from others, and I guess that the other 19 feel the same way.

Bill Harshaw said...

If I were a governor, I guess I might do the same: "treating everyone the same" is usually a good slogan. Which isn't to say it makes sense from the standpoint of providing government services.