Friday, June 19, 2009

Will Social Conservatives Boycott Google?

See this post on Google Operating System for a reason they might.


hawkey said...

Hello...I wanted to read the post you're linking to, but it brought me to a discussion of gays and google.

Is there keyword search I could do? Thanks

Bill Harshaw said...

I was too cryptic and the link was a little confusing. I was referring to this:
Caleb Eggensperger noticed that Google shows a multicolored bar above the search results when you search for [gay], [lesbian] and other related terms. Google's colorful bar is not accidental: at the end of June, there are many gay pride celebrations around the world.

And I was thinking if Google does that, which seems gay-friendly, it might be enough for some social conservatives to boycott, though boycotting Google seems almost impossible.