Saturday, February 14, 2009

Only $50 Million for FSA

From, on the final stimulus package:
But Congress cut some IT funding, including money to modernize the Farm Service Agency's computers to process payments to farmers. The final bill set aside $50 million for the effort, far less than the $245 million the House originally set.


Anonymous said...

Lets face it, there is a certain utility for the congressionals to deny FSA the funds to upgrade technology and better manage payments. It gives the Hill someone to kick around when the next disaster payout comes around, we've been through the drill a hundred times. How about agressive prosecution of fraudulent schemers? While we're at it make acreage reporting a mandatory requirement for subsidy/disaster payments.

Bill Harshaw said...

Methinks we need to hire more lawyers :-) in Justice--I had the impression that DOJ was reluctant to prosecute what they saw as penny ante cases.

I didn't realize acreage reporting wasn't mandatory for disaster??