Monday, July 04, 2005

Teaching Mathematics--Brad DeLong

Economist Brad DeLong repeats the Kevin Drum critique of Diane Ravitch, then goes on to discuss the problems of getting adolescents interested in math. Lower in the blog he has a discussion of teaching math, of which this is a brief excerpt. Go here for more:

"One Hundred Interesting Math Calculations: How do you convince adolescents that there is a big long-run payoff from math? Teaching them (mine at least) that there is a huge short-run payoff from reading and a huge medium-run payoff to writing is easy. But math is harder.
  1. [World War II Bomber Pilot Survival Odds]
  2. [How Many Extraterrestrial Civilizations Are There?]
  3. [Gravity and "Weighing the Earth"]
  4. (There's 20+ more examples.)

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