Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Digging and Weeding in the Garden

My wife and I have a garden plot rented from Reston Association. Watching other gardeners is interesting. Often the new gardeners are very energetic in the spring, digging their beds and planting. But sometimes they poop out. It's easy enough to get enthused by spring, after the winter when the day is warm and the promise of summer is in the air. You don't remember that gardening is a commitment, that the weeds will sprout and grow as easily and more strongly than your plants, that the weather will get too hot, or too cold, that bugs will emerge as the temperature rises, in sum, that gardening can be a pain in the knees, if not the rear.

I'd parallel this to lots of initiatives, government, private, commercial, nonprofit. Because of the way people are built, when we're mobilizing to do something, it's always easy to forget the maintenance requirements on the far side.

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